Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Royals: Consistantly Inconsistant

I think we have all come to the conclusion that the Royals are seemingly always hot or cold. Here is some data to show just how streaky the Royals have been this year.

March 31st-April 9th: 6-2
April 10th-April 24th: 3-11 (including a 7 game losing streak)
April 25th-May 4th: 5-3
May 5th-May 10th: 1-5
May 11th-May 18th: 6-1
May 19th-June 11th: 4-19 (including a 12 game losing streak)
June 12th-June 27th: 12-2 (including a a 5 and 6 game winning streak)
June 28th-July 9th: 3-9
July 10th-July 20th: 5-2
July 21-July 26th: 1-5
July 27th-Aug 4th: 7-1
Aug 5th-Aug 12th: 1-5